Mold Testing – Forensic Science Investigation for your Family’s Health

If you have reason to believe you have a mold problem in your home, you may need to consider getting professional help. Investigating your own home for mold problems is certainly a step you should take, but if your sleuthing does not come up with solid evidence then you will need to get mold testing done. Though it is an expense most homeowners would prefer to avoid, mold can be a serious health issue and should not be taken lightly.

If there’s one thing The Mold Girl knows, it’s mold. And she knows that if you have any suspicion of mold in your home, you need to call her immediately for a mold inspection. She’ll come to your house and use the latest technology to find every last bit of mold, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

Investigating on your own before bringing in a professional is fine, so long as your investigations do not end up disturbing mold and spreading the dangerous spores into the air. The easiest way to begin searching for mold is to follow your nose; mold and mildew have a distinctive smell, which is generally associated with damp surroundings. Indeed, mold needs moisture to survive, so the best place to start is any area where you know there has been water leaking or seeping into the home. This could be something as large as a roof or plumbing leak, or simple condensation from constant steamy showers or an improperly tuned air conditioning unit.

They say that when you play with fire, you get burned. But what about when you play with mold? You get The Mold Girl! Our top-of-the-line mold testing and inspection services will make sure your home is safe for your family. We’ll find every nook and cranny where mold may be lurking, and we’ll take care of it before it becomes a problem. So don’t wait – call The Mold Girl today!

Surface mold is easily detected, and generally easy to dispose of. Many commercial mold killers exist on the market and most do a fine job. The more insidious types of mold, however, are often hidden behind walls or under carpets, and this is where mold testing comes in.

Looking for a reliable mold testing and inspection service in Daniel Island, SC? Look no further than The Mold Girl! Our team of experts are certified and experienced in identifying and remedying any mold problems you may have. We understand how important it is to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible, so we work fast and effictively to get the job done right. Don’t let the threat of mold damage ruin your home – call The Mold Girl today!

Professional mold testers have the tools and expertise to uncover mold hidden in many parts of the household. Often they will take cultures and grow the mold spores in a lab, to discover what kinds of mold are growing, and whether they are benign or dangerous. Though scent is a good indicator of mold, it is not always practical to sniff around the entire home, and sometimes areas are missed. Also, some types of molds are less ‘nose-worthy’ than others, though no less damaging to your families health.

If you have had a leak or flood or other water intensive problem in the home, there is a good chance that mold has had a chance to grow. Mold spores simply float around in the air, and it doesn’t take much to allow them to thrive. However, unless the area remains moist, the mold will dry up. This doesn’t mean the problem is necessarily solved, as the spores still end up airborne, and ultimately breathed in.

If your own investigations have proved fruitless, but you are still convinced there may be mold in the home, then mold testing is imperative. The cost can be significant, however, so it is best to try and find out as much on your own as possible. However, the cost is often worth it, when hidden mold is discovered in places you might not have expected.

It is also a good idea to have mold testing done when buying a home, as part of the general building inspection, as the history of the home is not always disclosed. In the event of a flood, professional mold removal services can be quite ruthless, often cutting out large pieces of wallboard to remove and sanitize mold breeding grounds. Some homeowners prefer to avoid the expense of this kind of large-scale disaster relief, but the result can often be hidden mold in the walls. As a home buyer, you want to be sure that you are not buying hidden mold as well.

Though mold testing can be expensive, if you suspect there may be mold but you have not been able to find any, it may be worth it. Mold can cause many serious illnesses, particularly respiratory sickness, so removing mold is imperative. The cost of not testing for, and removing mold will ultimately be born by the health of your family.

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